Congratulations mama! We heard the news 🍼 Whether you’re feeling on top of the world with your future bundle of joy, or that first-trimester nausea is making you queasy with excitement, we have the perfect caption for you. Here are our 44 FAVORITE PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT CAPTIONS to tell the world you’re expecting!



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  1. Our great adventure begins
  2. We’ve been keeping a lil secret
  3. More than a food baby
  4. We’re getting a roommate
  5. Best mother’s day gift ever
  6. Someone new joins the crew
  7. Expecting someone new
  8. Coffee isn’t the only thing brewing
  9. You can stop asking now
  10. Coming soon
  11. Worth the wait
  12. Heaven sent
  13. Plot twist
  14. Well played quarantine
  15. Made in quarantine
  16. Quarantine wasn’t so boring
  17. Made in california
  18. Couldn’t stay six feet apart
  19. Here we grow again
  20. “surprise” doesn’t begin to cover it
  21. We can’t wait to meet you
  22. Look what the stork dropped
  23. Micro brew
  24. Best news ever
  25. Tiny human in progress
  26. C is for curve ball
  27. Made with love
  28. You’re kicking me smalls
  29. The best is yet to come
  30. First came love, then me
  31. Sidekick coming soon
  32. Happy, healthy, and pregnant!
  33. The more the merrier
  34. Look who decided to show up
  35. Naptime is the new happy hour
  36. Just haven't met you yet
  37. Best surprise ever
  38. Happiness is coming
  39. Nauseous, exhausted, overjoyed.
  40. Dreams do come true
  41. Bundle of joy on the way
  42. Here we grow!
  43. So... this happened,
  44. We did a thing

And that's a (swaddle) wrap! Any favorites? Make any of these phrases above into a custom announcement onesie here ✨ Got any punny announcements to add to our list? Drop them in the comments down below.

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