10 Instagram captions for your chubby baby

10 Instagram captions for your chubby baby

It should come as no surprise that here at Cheerily, we love a good baby-themed riff on popular lyrics. These are some of our favorites - your ‘gram can thank us later. Bonus points if you can guess all the songs these are based on!

  1. Last name ever, first name cutest
  2. I don’t think you’re ready for this belly
  3. Got that round cheeks chubby thing that you like
  4. All I see is thighs, all I see is chubby thighs
  5. I got that boom boom that all the moms pinch, and all the right rolls in all the right places
  6. I've got rolls in different area codes 
  7. I didn't choose the chub life, the chub life chose me
  8. They see me rollin' 
  9. 99 problems but these cheeks ain’t one
  10. Baby, baby, baby can’t you see? Sometimes your rolls just hypnotize me

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