Christmas is almost here at 🎁 With all the stay-at-home celebrations and indoor Christmas preparations we've been seeing around the web, we made a list of our favorites- and we're checking them twice! Here are our top 8 stay-at-home Christmas activities for the 2020 holiday season:

1. Gift Scavenger Hunt

Santa didn't climb down that chimney for nothing! Make your gift-giving ceremony extra special this year by unwrapping a scavenger hunt for your little ones. Put a twist on the classic game of hide-and-go-seek by hiding your kiddo's presents in various places throughout the house. We recommend easy hiding spots for the little gifts (like stocking stuffers or fuzzy socks), and more difficult hiding spots for the gifts that mean a lot more 🎁

2. Movie Theater Stay-In

Like a drive-in, but with a lot more cuddles! (and a lot better snacks :) Que up your little one's favorite Christmas movies, grab your coziest blankets, and snag some popcorn before the big night 🍿If your little ones are a little older, this is the perfect opportunity to get their help with snack preparation too! Feel free to make your own popcorn bar by picking up some stovetop kernels, your favorite seasonings and spices, and some butter- the kiddos will love making their own sweet or savory treat!

3. Karaoke Christmas

Who says Christmas caroling has to start outdoors? Spotify and Youtube have a variety of Christmas Karaoke playlists, from the original White Christmas to Ariana Grande's holiday album 🎶  Find your family's favorite holiday tunes, clear the middle of the living room, and the Christmas stage is yours! Bonus points if you happen to catch the whole thing on video, this concert is sure to be a hit when you share it with your family ❤️

4. Create a New Years Card

Get those little ones crafting this Christmas! Maybe it's too late to get your Christmas cards sent out to all those extended family members this year, but that doesn't mean you can't craft some happy little resolutions the New Year's 💌 This is also a great way to show your littles how they can express gratitude in even the most chaotic circumstances! Practice by asking your little ones what they were thankful for this year, what their hopes are for next year, and how they can help make someone else's New Year even better.

5. Hot Chocolate Bar

Welcome to the party, mini-marshmallows! If your little family isn't traveling or visiting other relatives this holiday season, hot chocolate is the perfect way to cheer your little ones up 🍫 Make this sweet treat personal by creating a mini hot chocolate bar with alllll the holiday fixings-- peppermint whipped cream we're looking at you! Feel free to substitute oat milk, almond milk, soy or coconut creamers for your bebes who don't do lactose, or try our favorite vanilla milk recipe for the little who don't like chocolate!

6. Drive-by Light Show

Stay indoors from the comfort of your car, and feel free to bring snacks and drinks from your popcorn and hot chocolate bar! Take Christmas night to drive around the block, or check out neighborhoods in your area who say yes to ho-ho-holiday lights 🎄 Feeling a little ambitious? Make it a scavenger hunt! Create a list of colors, objects, and holiday decorations that you might see on your drive-- your little ones can cross off the items they see around the neighborhood to earn their treats at the end of the night.

7. Whipped Cream Santa

For your messiest Santa celebrations! This game is a huge crowd pleaser for kids of all ages, but full disclosure: your kitchen may get drenched with whipped cream 🍦 Make a contest among your family members to determine who can create the best Santa beard using just whipped cream- no licking the competition! This is one of the sillier celebrations on our list, but it gets the entire family laughing by the end of the game. Cover all your valuables, pop a preemptive lactaid, and enjoy one of the best Christmas celebration memories you'll ever make with your little ones.

8. Face-to-Facetime

Okay mama, admittedly no surprises here. But with most families stuck celebrating their separate Christmases at home, we had to add a stay-at-home classic to this list. Whether it's just for five minutes at the end of Christmas morning, or for a few hours during your Christmas Karaoke, your video chat with a family member is the most priceless gift of the year 💚


And there you have it Cheerily family! We love how creative you mamas have been getting with your celebrations, and we can't wait to see the photos you share in your Cheerily gifts this year 🎁 Got any ideas to add to this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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