60 Lyrics-Inspired Instagram captions for your little one

60 Lyrics-Inspired Instagram captions for your little one

Our latest Little Lyrics collection saw us collaborating with our funniest and punniest (that’s you!). We called for lyrical quips and you took us from A-dele to Jay-Z, hip-hop to Hamilton, rap to indie rock.

While they didn't all make it onto a tee, so many of them are Instagram caption gold and we just had to share! Here's the best of the bunch to caption the one who'll always be your baby:

For milking hour...

  1. I make *milk* moves (Cardi B) - @adbose
  2. Milk rules everything around me (Wu-Tang Clan) - @hellalelando
  3. Sippin’ on milk and juice (Snoop Dogg) - @houseofcarreon

...and they go overboard at the milkbar:

  1. Wake up, drank, lay down, drank, spit up, drank (Kendrick Lamar) - @paigeklimas
  2. Wastin' away again in Milkaritaville (Jimmy Buffet) - @paigeklimas
  3. I've been drinkin', I've been drinkin' (milk) (Beyoncé) - @mrs.dibiase

...whether they're on the boob:

  1. All 'bout that boob, 'bout that boob, no bottle (Meghan Trainor) - @askdoctormommy
  2. Hit me boobies, one more time (Britney Spears) - @cdijamco
  3. B-O-O-B-I-E find out what it means to me (Aretha Franklin) - @toriflori_

...or on the bottle:

  1. I'm a baby with a bottle, you gotta (feed) me the right way (Christina Aguilera) - @hellonuwwar
  2. Don't stop make it pop mommy warm the bottle up (Ke$ha) - @lilyrosegardenia
  3. Sippin' on some bottlez (Three 6 Mafia) - @houseofcarreon

and when they've moved on to solids:

  1. We made the mash, she ate the baby mash (Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt Kickers) - @not.alea
  2. I did it all for the cookie (Limp Bizkit) - @zacharycall
  3. I don't want cake on my birthday, I want my cake errday (Flo-Rida) - @thejessicaroberts

For when they have to do their business:

  1. I don't use a diaper I make potty moves (Cardi B) - @mrs.dibiase
  2. I've got diapers to blow (Birdman) - @houseofcarreon
  3. Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my diapee, so change me maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen) - @toriflori_

 …and it’s gonna be a messy one:

  1. Poops I did it again! (Britney Spears) - @nathalielemos_
  2. Look what you made me poop (Taylor Swift) - @zkizilbash
  3. Poop there it is! (Tag Team) - @_t_coop

 When nap time hits:

  1. Oh-hhh I wanna nap with somebody (Whitney Houston) - @mrs.dibiase
  2. I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want: a nap (Spice Girls) - @heyshamira
  3. Best nap I ever had (Drake) - @heyshamira

 ...but they’re not really sure if they want to nap:

  1. I get put down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down (Chumbawamba) - @cdijamco
  2. Rock me mommy one more time (Britney Spears) - @mrs.dibiase
  3. Hey mama rock me (Darius Rucker) - @gaelin_craighead

 ...and they’d just rather stay up all night:

  1. Baby I don't need any sleep to have fun tonight, I love cheap thrills (Sia) - @lilyrosegardenia
  2. No naps never bothered me anyway (Frozen) - @lizdvega
  3. Dreaming with my eyes wide open (The Greatest Showman) - @mrs.beachum

For when you’re at the playground:

  1. Don’t go chasing bouncy balls (TLC) - @allyseholcomb
  2. Hello from the other slide (Adele) - @mrs.dibiase
  3. Play play play play play in da dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt (Rihanna) - @houseofcarreon

 ...or when you’re on the move together:

  1. Hanging out the passenger side, of my mommy's ride (TLC) - @cdijamco
  2. Pick me up before you go-go (Wham) - @houseofcarreon
  3. They see me strollin' they hatin' (Chamillionaire) - @paigeklimas

 For when babe knows they’re looking adorbs:

  1. And all the mommies say I'm pretty fly for a tiny guy (The Offspring) - @idontknoyolife
  2. Stuntin' like daddy (Lil Wayne, Drake) - @natashyajs
  3. All eyez on me (2Pac) - @houseofcarreon

 ...especially if they're carrying some chunk in the trunk:

  1. Baby got back (rolls) (Sir Mix-a-Lot) - @not.alea
  2. Thighs like what what what (Sisqo) - @jlaw224
  3. Just a hunk, a hunk of baby love (Elvis) - @houseofcarreon

 When you’re out at playgroup and the squad is going off:

  1. Okay babies, now let’s get in formation (Beyoncé) - @jascmil
  2. The crib is jumpin' jumpin' (Destiny’s Child) - @houseofcarreon
  3. This is how we womb it (Montell Jordan) - @jamieooten

 For when they're carrying some serious 'tude:

  1. Lower-case G (Montell Jordan) - @jlaw224
  2. Attitude on nana (DJ Khaled) - @jlaw224
  3. Got applesauce in my diaper bag, swag (Beyoncé) - @houseofcarreon

For when they're happy and they know it:

  1. Blame it on Jesus #blessed (Bruno Mars) - @dria1985
  2. Living my best life (Cardi B Feat. Chance) - @adbose
  3. Oh happy bae (Edwin Hawkin Singers) - @houseofcarreon

  When they're all eyes on mama:

  1. Mind on my mama, mama on my mind (Snoop Dogg) - @lo_schwei
  2. Kiss me mommy, one more time (Britney Spears) - @houseofcarreon
  3. I only love my bed and my mama, not sorry (Drake) - @nicoleapeterson

 For twins or BFFs:

  1. Two American kids doin the best they can (Tom Petty) - @christais
  2. Just the two of us (Bill Withers) - @mrs.dibiase
  3. It takes two / to make a thing go right (Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock) - @paigeklimas

And last but not least, just for all the lady babies:

  1. Just a small town girl (Journey) - @mo.merkel
  2. Oh my god Becky look at her bow (Sir Mix-a-lot) - @mrs.dibiase
  3. I am woman. Hear me roar. (Helen Reddy) - @flimsylindsey

Inspired? Make it a tee. Got more? Comment below!

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