It's time to celebrate the big day at 🎂  Whether your little one is spending their first year earth-side, or the big sibling is turning terrific two, here are our 33 FAVORITE BIRTHDAY-THEMED INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS at Cheerily:

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For the big milestones:

  1. It’s my 1/2 birthday (onesie available here)
  2. 1/2 the birthday, all the fun
  3. What a onederful world
  4. First of many
  5. One year, 1000 kisses
  6. Two legit to quit
  7. Born two be wild
  8. Two-riffic
  9. Feeling two cute
  10. Third time’s the charm
  11. Threenager
  12. Young wild and three
  13. Aint’ nothin but a three-thang
  14. Three-rex
  15. Un-four-getable
  16. Made four adventure
  17. Four-ever young
  18. Cake four days
  19. Rourin’ fourth
  20. May the fourth be with you
  21. Excited four my birthday
  22. I plea the fifth
  23. Hi five
  24. Sixth sense

For celebrations of all ages:

  1. Hugs, kisses & birthday wishes
  2. Best present ever
  3. Go shawty, it’s sherbet day
  4. Piece of cake
  5. Party like it’s my birthday
  6. Eating my cake and wearing it too
  7. The best party favor
  8. Cake is always invited
  9. I can't keep calm, it's my birthday

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