It's brunch season at cheerily 🍳 Whether you're celebrating a new lil' bean in the family, or you're just milk drunk by noon, here are our 33 BRUNCH-THEMED INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS for you and your short stack 🥞

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  1. Milk, brunch, sleep, repeat
  2. On sundays we brunch
  3. Donut kill my vibe
  4. Feeling my jam
  5. Don’t go bacon my heart
  6. Feeling brewtiful
  7. Love you brunches
  8. No one stacks up to you
  9. Mama stack / short stack
  10. Not all heroes wear crepes
  11. Feeling toasty
  12. These rolls are homemade
  13. Waffle lot of love
  14. Pancake my eyes off you
  15. Feeling waffly hungry
  16. Resting brunch face
  17. Pastries, puppies and pancakes
  18. Cheerio!
  19. Seriel cereal killer
  20. Where have you bean all my life
  21. Extra milk, hold the coffee
  22. Milk drunk by 10am
  23. I prefer my milk endless
  24. My mom is brewtiful
  25. Good news and orange juice
  26. You’re my everything (bagel)
  27. Sunny side up
  28. You crack me up
  29. You’ve got me scrambled
  30. I want for croissant
  31. We’re eggspecting!
  32. Feeling unbeatable
  33. Adding a lil bean to the brew

And that's a (breakfast) wrap! Any favorites? Make any of these phrases above into a custom tee or onesie here ✨ Got any punny additions to add to our list? Drop them in the comments down below.

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