Fall is almost here at Cheerily 🍁 Whether you're celebrating a new lil' pumpkin in the patch, or you're just ready to chai your best, here are our favorite 40 FALL-THEMED INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS for you and the apple (spice) of your eye.

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  1. Up to no gourd
  2. Falling for you
  3. What a wonder-fall world
  4. It’s sweater weather
  5. Cozy season
  6. Cider, spice, and everything nice
  7. Take me to autumn
  8. Wake me up when September ends
  9. Spice, spice, baby
  10. Treat me spicely
  11. Autumns up!
  12. Bet your autumn dollar
  13. Pumpkin spice, and everything nice
  14. Pumpkin spice of life
  15. Hey there pumpkin
  16. Bake my day, pumpkin
  17. I only have pies for you
  18. Can’t pie me love
  19. Eyes on the pies
  20. Dazed and corn-fused
  21. Piece of spice cake
  22. Do you be-leaf in magic?
  23. Be-leaf in yourself
  24. Leaf me alone
  25. Sweet re-leaf
  26. Orange & yellow, orange & yellow, orange & yellow
  27. Maybe it’s maple leaves
  28. Wrapped up spicely
  29. Pick of the patch
  30. Chai your best
  31. Chai of relief
  32. Pies and hayrides
  33. We have pumpkin’ to share
  34. Adding a pumpkin to the patch
  35. Extra thankful
  36. Hungry at all thymes
  37. Sage wisdom
  38. Sorry- my jokes are acorny
  39. Born to a-maize
  40. Cut the crop

And that's a (cozy) wrap! Any favorites? Make any of these phrases above into a custom tee or onesie here ✨ Got any punny additions to add to our list? Drop them in the comments down below & follow us for more inspo on Instagram

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