We're feeling soy cute today 🍙 Whether you're "wonton" more punny captions or you just let the good times roll, we rounded up our favorite sushi and asian food puns from around the web. Here are 66 SUSHI INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS for you and your little nigiri 🍣

  1. No more mister rice guy
  2. So many rolls, so little time
  3. We dance to a different tuna
  4. You had me at unagi
  5. You had me at nigiri
  6. Let’s maki this moment special
  7. A little maki never killed nobody
  8. You’re my soymate
  9. Rice to meet you
  10. Rice, rice, baby
  11. Ebi-body clap your hands
  12. Shrimply the cutest
  13. Shrimply adorable
  14. Ebi part of me loves you
  15. Prawn to be wild
  16. Leaving a lega-sea
  17. Don’t be shellfish
  18. Cod I borrow you for a minute?
  19. Soy what? I’m still a roll-star
  20. Soy cute
  21. Soy in love
  22. Soymate for life
  23. I wish for fish
  24. No bad tempuras, please
  25. Salmon says: eat sushi!
  26. Rolls rice > rolls royce
  27. Sushi time and feeling fine
  28. More rolls please
  29. Thank you, next roll!
  30. I’m on a roll, achieving my goals
  31. Plenty of rolls in the sushi
  32. Sushi me rollin’, they hating’
  33. On sundays we sashimi
  34. Are you happy to sashimi?
  35. Sushi addicts anonymous
  36. Sushi rolls, not gender roles
  37. I put the spicy in tuna
  38. Fishing for compliments
  39. Fish and rice make everything nice
  40. Drop it like it's hashi
  41. Just roll with it
  42. I’m a roll model
  43. More like wasa-bae
  44. What’s up musu-bae?
  45. All that and dim sum
  46. Dim sum-body say sushi?
  47. You’re my ebi-thing
  48. Do you want a piece of me?
  49. This is the way we roll
  50. You like my roll? Gee thanks, just got it
  51. Let the good times roll
  52. Love in eel the right places
  53. My love is crabtivating
  54. Roe, roe, roe the sushi boat
  55. Rollin’ with the homies
  56. Wonton more love
  57. Hamachi girl summer
  58. Wontons for all, and all for wontons
  59. When we seafood, we love it
  60. Rice and ginger and miso, oh my!
  61. It’s tuna-clock
  62. Fresh off the sushi boat
  63. More rolls than a sushi bar (available here)
  64. On weekends we dim sum (available here)
  65. Lil dumpling is my wrap name (available here)
  66. I love umami (available here)

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