5 keys to spotting a baby-friendly cafe

5 keys to spotting a baby-friendly cafe

First brunch date with a new parent and their plus one? Or maybe you’re venturing out for the first time with a mini in tow. Read on to spot how new-baby-friendly your favorite local is:

1. Let’s get loud
It may seem counter intuitive at first, but a majority of new and seasoned parents reported that they, and their babes, love the loud noise of a buzzing spot! Plus noisy rooms = baby’s screams blend right in.

Loud spaces - the kind of loud that almost requires you to shout. The noise usually puts my little guy to sleep. But if all else fails, it’s loud enough to drown out his cries! *laugh crying emoji* @janiejliu

2. Ch-ch-changes
Like all humans, babies need bathroom access too - the ideal setup is a pull-out diaper change table in the restrooms, so take note of whether or not your favorite spots have these. Otherwise, look out for surfaces that can transformed into a change area - if your car is nearby, that might be its trunk.

When they have a change table in the bathroom *three raised hands praise emoji* I could cry tears of joy when I find a cool coffee spot with one! @julianneiverson

3. You know I’m all about the space
A baby is tiny royalty and they always come with some form of carriage - this could be their car seat, or the whole stroller. Either way, what you’re looking for here is a cafe with lots of wiggle room between tables and chairs, or you could alternatively avoid peak hours. If it’s warm out, cafes with outdoor seating that spills out onto the sidewalk are the perfect stroller setup.

One of our first outings after I had my twins were out to a small coffee shop with sunny outside space early Sunday mornings. It’s less busy, we didn’t have to navigate the double stroller through tight spaces @mrs_alopez

4. Hungry eyes
Baby isn’t here for the conversation, they want to knock back some of that house white. Whether they’re on the boob or bottle, it’s within parents’ rights to feed wherever babies find themselves hungry, but what matters here is how welcoming or comfortable the environment is. For bottle feeders, waiters should be able to help with microwave access, or otherwise a bowl with hot water works as a formula warmer.

… maybe [cafes could] have a sign saying “breastfeeding welcome here!” @_pineapplelove

Cafes of the world, take note.

5. Go your own way
Over it? Take your avo toast and coffee to go: if the weather allows it, wander to a nearby park, make loops around the block or hold a cozy car date. The world is your oyster (and a decent park bench is your change table).

A little gear inspo for the babycchino in your life:

He knows it (Have Stroller, Will Travel) @strollergang
For the date that will never stand you up (Mama’s Coffee Date) @kim_lizeth
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