Concierge Highlight: Career Day Custom Ideas

Concierge Highlight: Career Day Custom Ideas

Our custom concierge service constantly has us fielding a whole host of fun requests (birthday pun, anyone?). One theme we've been loving is brainstorming quips for parents of certain professions; because everybody wants to have a mini-me moment sometimes.

Here’s what we came up with for five of our most surprisingly requested careers - and one unexpected career that threw us for a curve ball!

1. For the teacher expecting a new permanent pupil:


2. For the dentist with a gummy patient:


3. For the therapist who's just signed up a babbly little client:


4. For the analyst who's about to add a +1:


5. For the policewoman or man who's got a new charge:


And the surprise one that threw us a custom curveball: Custom cabinet maker! -

Have a custom career request of your own? Reach out at or and we'll wordsmith some ideas for you!

PS - In case you missed it, this collection is for the minis already in management.

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