5 Pumpkin No-Carving Alternatives To Try This Halloween

5 Pumpkin No-Carving Alternatives To Try This Halloween

If you’ve ever carved pumpkins with your little ones, you know just how messy those jack-o-lanterns can get! Between cutting the tops, scooping the guts, and finishing the carving when your little artist gets tired, we wondered: could there be a better way to decorate your spooky squash?

We rounded up our favorite ideas from around the web, so without further ado here are Cheerily's top 5 pumpkin-carving alternatives to try this halloween:

1. Patterned pumpkins

Image credit: StoneGable Blog

Bust out the plaid and polka dots! Using acrylic, tempera, or activity paints, take inspiration from your favorite fabrics and patterns for a unique pumpkin look! Feel free to paint freehand, use a printable template, or take inspiration from the design above to help inspire you.

2. Let’s clay!

Image credit: ConfettiIdea

Did you know model clay is perfect for creating fun accessories for your little's pumpkin? Play with a combination of colors and textures to create pumpkin sunglasses, little bows, or even wigs!

Feeling a little more magical? Check out the unicorn pumpkin above for some colorful inspiration.

3. Stick em’ up, partner

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Great news for mamas and papas on a budget: most of the items you need for this can be found at your local dollar store! Stick small paper or plastic wall decorations like butterflies, hearts, or bats around your pumpkin - however many you like!

Anchor the paper decorations with a small pin or thumbtack, and use a hefty serving of hot glue to hold your plastic accessories (note: you’re going to want to supervise your little for either method- we don’t want any accidental pokes or burns!)

4. The glitter end

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Sparkle kings and queens rejoice! Admittedly, this may be the single messiest option of the bunch - but it still manages to avoid a pile-up of pumpkin guts and stringy seeds in your home.

Whether you choose to paint your pumpkin a base color first, or just want to add a few glittery additions to your gourd, we say let it shine! Simply trace a shape on your pumpkin with some craft glue (you can use a paint brush to apply for easier control) and press loose glitter into the adhesive.

5. Pumpkin spell

Image credit: Morgan Moore via Pinterest

Simple, clean, and adorable for utilizing pumpkins of all sizes! Pick a fun halloween phrase or spooky saying to spell out, one little pumpkin at a time.

With no carving or punctures required, real pumpkins can last up to three months in your yard with this decoration! Feeling extra creative? Simply paint an opaque shape over the letters once halloween is over, and re-paint the pumpkins with some thankful quotes for Thanksgiving.

Have more to add to the list?

We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below with all your carve-free pumpkin ideas and take a peek at our favorite 40 Instagram captions for halloween here.

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