40 Halloween-Inspired Instagram Captions For Your Festive Baby

40 Halloween-Inspired Instagram Captions For Your Festive Baby

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year here at Cheerily! 🎃 We love crafting holiday puns for all your product customizations and Instagram captions, so here's our top 40 list of halloween-inspired creations:

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Witch please:

  1. Turns out I'm 100% that witch
  2. Resting witch face
  3. You better work, witch
  4. Hangin with my witches
  5. Wicked cute
  6. Keep calm & carry a wand
  7. What up witches?
  8. Basic witch
  9. Bad witch / good witch
  10. I'm gonna have a witch fit
  11. Witch, please

Creepin' crawlers:

  1. Squad ghouls
  2. I love my mummy
  3. I just want my mummy
  4. Handsome lil' devil
  5. Creepin' it real
  6. Scream queen
  7. Ghostess with the mostest
  8. Ghouls just wanna have fun
  9. Hangin with my ghouls
  10. Ghouls night
  11. Chubby thighs and spooky vibes
  12. Haunt mess
  13. Halloqueen
  14. Let's get halloweird
  15. Trick or treat-yo-self

Here for the boos:

  1. Boo Felicia
  2. Bad and boo-jee
  3. Hangin with my boo
  4. Just me and my boo
  5. Boo thang
  6. Boo-tiful
  7. Mama's boo
  8. Here for the boos
  9. Just boo it
  10. Witch, I'm fa-boo-lous

For the expecting mama:

  1. A baby is brewing
  2. New pumpkin in the patch
  3. Adding a witch to the coven
  4. I smell a child (hocus pocus)
  5. Future momster

Feeling spooky and inspired? Make any of the ideas above into a tee or onesie here!

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I love these!! I shared it with my family and friends

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