It's almost Father's Day at Cheerily 🎉 Whether you're celebrating as a first-time dad, or your little one is a veteran dad-joke-survivor, here are our favorite 55 FATHER'S DAY INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS for your biggie and lil' smalls.

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For the dad-joke enthusiast:

  1. Worst jokes, best dad
  2. 0 days without a dad joke
  3. Dad to the bone
  4. Nacho average father
  5. Dad, I am your daughter / you are my father
  6. My dad is top shelf
  7. Dad had “dad bod” before it was cool
  8. Don’t call him later, call him dad
  9. Dad’s joke dad-a-base
  10. Dad puns are how eye roll
  11. Dad’s jokes are armed & dadly
  12. Dad joke survivor 
  13. Dad bod, or father figure?
For the hip papa and little one:
  1. Smalls loves big poppa
  2. I said a hip hop, I got the best pop
  3. Only love my bed & my papa, not sorry
  4. Papa & me: on our worst behavior
  5. Lowercase g, just like my papi
  6. Champagne papi
  7. Go shawty, it’s your dad's day
  8. Daddin’ so easy
  9. Daddin’ is a habit
  10. Papa’s the Kanye to my Kanye

For the gym papa:

  1. Does your dad even lift?
  2. Future spotter for the #1 father
  3. My dad: better than the reps
  4. Dad= my at-home jungle gym
  5. I got fit from my papa

 For the father who fishes:

  1. Reel talk: dad is #1
  2. Hold my milk: fishing with dad
  3. I love my dad: hook line & sinker
  4. Land or sea: the best pa’s with me

For the baker dad who's up at the crack of dawn:

  1. All you knead is papa
  2. I loaf you daddy!
  3. Daddy bakes the world go round
  4. I’d be muffin without my dad
  5. Proofed to be the best dad

 For papa who knows his pizza:

  1. Dad’s got a pizza my heart
  2. Ain’t no *topping* my papa!
  3. Dada is a crust above the others
  4. Slice Slice Baby
  5. My daddy knows his crust

 And for all the dads who are simply the best:

  1. Daughter & dad make the best duo
  2. Father & Son: Double Trouble
  3. Who’s got the best dad? This kid!
  4. Dad gives superman a run for his money
  5. “Dad” looks good on you
  6. First, let me call my dad
  7. Our first father’s day
  8. Baby daddy / daddy’s baby
  9. Dad’s little dude / little dude’s dad
  10. Dad’s little lady / little lady’s dad
  11. Couch potato / tater tot
  12. I make awesome kids / awesome kid
  13. Little [Kiddo's Initial] loves Papa [Father's Initial]
  14. [Daddy / Papa / Father's Name]'s smallest & biggest fan

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