Father's Day Ideas

Father's Day Ideas

Father's Day is quickly approaching, our custom concierge service reports to you for all the dad-joke requests for custom baby onesies and kids tees. Scroll on for the pop-ular dad topics. 

For the hip hop pops who got you in their feelings -

  1. Smalls loves big poppa
  2. I said a hip hop, I got the best pop
  3. Only love my bed & my papa, I’m sorry
  4. papa & me: on our worst behavior
  5. Lowercase g, just like my papi
  6. Champagne papi
  7. Go shawty, it’s papa’s day
  8. Daddin’ so easy
  9. Daddin’ is a habit
  10. Papa’s the Kanye to my Kanye

For the golfing papa who dreams of a hole in one:

  1. Dada is tee-riffic!
  2. Dad putts a smile on my face
  3. My papa is a hot shot
  4. Future caddy for the #1 daddy
  5. My daddy is the best by par!

For the avid cycling dad who disappears when the Tour De France is on:

  1. I wheelie have the best papa
  2. Cycling dad > Regular dad
  3. Rollin’ like the number #1 daddy
  4. Daddy’s future riding buddy
  5. Crawl, walk, cycle like dada

For the gym dad who never takes a rest day:

  1. Does your dad even lift?
  2. Future spotter for the #1 father
  3. My dad: better than the reps
  4. Dad: the best ever jungle gym
  5. I got fit from my papa

For the analyst dada who loves data:

  1. Who’s my data? That guy!
  2. DLOOKUP ( Best dad, on earth) =my papa!
  3. This little data loves dad
  4. My dada: outlier above the others
  5. The dada -lytics are in: you’re #1

For the daddy who loves fishing (but his kids are his greatest catch):

  1. *Hooked* on the best dad ever
  2. Reel talk: my dad is #1
  3. Hold my milk: fishing with dad
  4. I love my dad: hook line & sinker
  5. Land or sea: the best pa’s with me

For the BBQ master dad who’s killer on the grill:

  1. Bar-b -cutie in love with dad
  2. Look out: My dad’s licensed to grill
  3. #1 fan of [Father’s Name] Barbeque
  4. My dad is un -grill -ieveable
  5. Papa’s BBQ Taste Tester

For the father who’s a baker and was always up early, even pre-kids:

  1. All you knead is papa
  2. I loaf you daddy!
  3. Daddy bakes the world go round
  4. I’d be muffin without my dad
  5. You’ve proofed to be the best dad

For the farmer dad who loves his cows (!):

  1. My daddy is the udder best!
  2. Moooove over, my daddy’s #1
  3. My dad = better than the udders
  4. Udderly in love with dad
  5. Daddy’s farmhand in training

For the Naval submarine officer who’s often out at sea:

  1. My dadmiral is number #1
  2. There’s no sub-stitute for dada
  3. My papa is sub-lime
  4. My hero is in the navy
  5. Proud little navy baby

 For the Crypto Dad who loves his Bitcoin and hodling his little ones:

  1. Papa is the best at hodl & cuddles
  2. I got the #1 papa, no fud about it
  3. Pumpin’ n dumpin’ like daddy
  4. Hodl me closer, dada
  5. Never any fomo when I’m with dad

 For the papa who’s a pizza pro and thinks his kiddos are a-dough-rable:

  1. Dad’s got a pizza my heart
  2. Ain’t no *topping* my papa!
  3. Dada is a crust above the others
  4. Slice Slice Baby
  5. My daddy knows his crust

 For the dentist daddy who knows his babes are tooth cute:*

  1. Dada’s only toothless patient
  2. I love papa: it’s the tooth!
  3. I got a filling my dad’s the best
  4. I *chews* my papa over all the rest
  5. Can’t denta-ny it: my dad’s #1!

 For the dada who lives for hockey and loves his tiny assist:

  1. Assist to the #1 daddy
  2. I pucking love my dad
  3. Stick-ing with the best papa
  4. Ice ice (hockey) baby
  5. Brb: watching hockey with dad

 For the physical therapist papa who’s also a bit of a funny bones:

  1. Daddy’s got my back
  2. My dad is PT much the greatest
  3. My papa has got tibia the best
  4. Papa’s PT fly for a med guy
  5. Psoas I was saying: Dad is #1

For the lawyer dad who loves their little defendant:

  1. I’ll be *brief:* my dad’s the best!
  2. I can testify my papa’s #1
  3. My dad > your dad: case closed
  4. Witness to the best papa ever
  5. Can’t touch me: I got the #1 lawyer

For the dada in medicine who’s in love with their tiny patient:

  1. I’m dad’s day *and* night shift
  2. Nursed by a pro papa
  3. Aorta tell you my dad’s the best!
  4. Favorite patient of doctor dada
  5. So loved by someone in scrubs

For the teacher papa who has favorite students*:

  1. #1 dad: no lesson plan needed
  2. My papa is the best in class
  3. b is for best, d is for dad ever!
  4. My dad: A+++ all the way
  5. Dad tops the dada honor roll

For the photographer dad who uses up all their film on a particular tiny model:

  1. Apert-ure dad isn’t as cool as mine
  2. *Snaps* to the #1 father
  3. Model to the number 1 photog
  4. All lenses on the #1 papa
  5. Oh snap! My dad > your dad

For the electrical engineer dad who’s always amped for you:

  1. Amped to say my dad is #1
  2. My dad is the b-ohm-b
  3. Say watt? My dad is #1
  4. My dad amps me up
  5. Current-ly my dad’s the best

For the carpenter papa who’s really nail-ing fatherhood:

  1. Best dad I ever *saw*
  2. #1 dad? You nailed it!
  3. Woodn’t you know it, my dad is #1
  4. I’ve got a next *level* dad
  5. My dad is nailing fatherhood

All-rounder ideas - hobbies and day jobs aside, for the dad who’s simply the best:

  1. Little [Kiddo's Initial] loves Papa [Father's Initial]
  2. [Daddy / Papa / Father's Name]'s smallest & biggest fan
  3. Daughter & dad make the best duo
  4. Father & Son: Double Trouble
  5. Who’s got the best dad? This gal!

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*general ideas for these professions can also be found here.

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