Love is in the air at! 💘 Whether you're celebrating a holiday of hugs and snuggles on the couch at home, or styling adorable flatlays with hearts and hershey's kisses, there's a Valentine's day pun with your name on it. From the animal kingdom to The Office, here are our 77 favorite valentine's captions for your little cherub:

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  1. Udderly in love
  2. Pawsitively in love
  3. Turtlely in love
  4. Bearly enough love to go around
  5. You're one in cha-meleon
  6. I give koala-tee hugs
  7. We’re meant to bee
  8. We’re manta be
  9. Be loving to otters
  10. Love one anotter
  11. Seal-ed with a kiss
  12. Slugs and kisses
  13. You make my heart saur


  1. You are the Kat’s meow
  2. You make my heart burst
  3. Nothing can come be-twix us
  4. I love to you pieces
  5. My sweetie pie
  6. We were mint to be
  7. So many reese-ons I love you
  8. Cutest babe in the milky way


  1. Loaf of my life
  2. You make me melt
  3. Heart melter
  4. Butter together
  5. You’re my soymate
  6. I’m fondue you
  7. Sweeter than a kiss
  8. We make a great pear
  9. Love you cherry much
  10. Stealing a peach of your heart
  11. You’re my butter half
  12. No one stacks up to you
  13. Donut know what I'd do without you
  14. Loafing you is easy
  15. I knead you
  16. One in a melon
  17. Love you a waffle lot
  18. Tortellini in love
  19. Don't go bacon my heart
  20. You're my all-thyme favorite
  21. Stealing a pizza my heart
  22. You’re my missing slice
  23. Avo-cuddle time
  24. You’re all i’ve avo-wanted
  25. You’re my jam
  26. You Cheerio me up
  27. I love you pho real
  28. Bestie pho life
  29. Udon know how much I love you
  30. Hopeless ramen-tic
  31. You give me all the peels
  32. I’m juice the cutest
  33. Apple of my eye
  34. Grapeful for you
  35. I carrot about you
  36. Love you to the core
  37. I’m nuts for you
  38. Olive you more
  39. Love you s’more
  40. Tea-amo
  41. Milk drunk in love
  42. I’ll never let you gyoza
  43. Cerealsly in love with you


  1. My heart only beets for you
  2. Assistant to the regional manager
  3. Holly to my Michael
  4. A is for anyone but toby
  5. Bears, beets, be mine valentine
  6. I love you more than pretzel day
  7. Pam to my Jim (or Jim to my Pam)
  8. Afraid of how much I love you


  1. Love you gnome matter what
  2. You’ll always be my baby
  3. Cupid in training
  4. Stealing hearts since 2020
  5. I’m my own soulmate
  6. Tiny love
  7. Lopsided love
  8. Succa for love


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