Hey moms, dads, aunts & uncles, and soon-to-be parents 👋 2020 has been a year for the history books, and while 'weirdest year ever' still feels like an understatement, we're feeling more hopeful that 2021 will bring new and exciting things!

There's no shortage of New Years Resolutions floating around the internet, but with broad suggestions like "eat healthy" and "be kind," many of these suggestions fall flat in the helpful department. After talking to over one hundred moms and dads just like you, we created 99 kid-friendly New Years resolutions that are actually useful for 2021 (because you deserve suggestions that don't suck).

Here's our list of favorite resolutions for the new year: 


-Start your own business

-Invest in further education

-Take a class for fun

-Ask for a special project at work

-Create something that makes you proud

-Look into new industries if the one you’re in doesn’t serve you

-Create an additional revenue stream

-Make a feel-good playlist for your commute

-Take a car alternative to work once a week

-Get to know a co-worker better

-Turn it off during family time



-Learn a new hobby

-If your hobby is a craft, make a gift for someone

-Watch one informational video about your hobby each week

-Try a hobby that helps your home (gardening, woodwork, painting, etc.)

-Introduce your little ones to your craft

-Set a timer and work uninterrupted for 10 minutes

-Take a virtual class in your hobby

-Create or complete something just for yourself



-Set a book-reading goal (it can be as vigorous as every week, or one full book a month)

-Create a daily journal

-Give back to someone in need

-Listen to an exciting podcast

-Buy something you’re nervous to wear

-Take more pictures

-Check-in with yourself and set a goal every morning

-Take a social media break

-Document your family growing up with video

-Shop at least one piece of sustainable clothing

-Use less to-go utensils and single-use plastic



-Reach out to someone you lost contact with

-Thank someone for being there for you

-Talk to your partner for 30 minutes without a screen

-Schedule weekly zoom calls with family

-Set time aside every month for a date night

-Apologize for treating someone poorly in the past

-Do one act of kindness for your partner (dishes, hot bath, laundry)

-Tell your partner why you love them

-Plan a staycation

-Love notes

-Find safe babysitting so you and your partner can plan a solo trip

-Learn something new about your partner each day



-Eat one extra serving of veggies a day

-Go on a walk after dinner

-Prioritize home-cooked meals

-Make the time to build strength

-Try five minutes of meditation

-Make the best and most nutritious smoothie ever

-Try a new sport

-Commit to drinking one more glass of water a day

-Swap a cup of coffee with a cup of green tea

-Do a yoga video with your little one

-Try swapping one treat for a serving of fruit

-Walk to the grocery store

-Improve your push-up game

-Try to get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep every night

-Lotion your hands or feet before bed



-Spend nothing for a month (food & essentials only)

-Create a weekly budget and stick to it

-Invest in something you believe in

-Save an extra $50 a paycheck for your kids' education

-Find one excessive thing to eliminate each week (extra coffee, late-night postmates, cheap accessories etc.)

-Put something back before checking out at the store

-Buy clothes for price-per-wear, not overall cheapness

-Contribute towards paying off debt

-Save all your spare change this year

-Teach your little ones to save a portion of their allowance



-Explore something new in your city

-Make a bubble bath day of the week

-Plan a backyard camping trip

-Encourage 15 minute or less showers

-Maintain boundaries at bedtime

-Ignore someone’s poorly-executed parenting advice

-Tell your family and children "no" when you need to

-Teach your littles to contribute to the household

-Find a family favorite show to watch together

-Cook something new with your littles

-Write something you’re proud of them for each day

-Get to know your little one’s teacher

-Make a calm area for you and your littles to cool off

-Learn one new fact a day (trivia)

-Set a TV timer

-Offer dessert every night, even when it’s healthy (like fruit or a smoothie)


And there you have it-- start making those resolutions mama! Want to start the year off with a sustainable choice for your little ones? Check out our new upcycled, female-made hoodies on

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